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Marvin Peachey and his wife Mary have been providing custom wood products to Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio customers for over 15 years. Marvin began making custom pieces of furniture at a young age and soon discovered his talent for making people happy with his art.


The Peachey's recognized that many people are “intimidated” by Amish furniture and it’s mystique of being expensive. This is simply not the case and they decided it was time to provide beautiful handcrafted pieces to the public.   In order to meet demand, after their marriage in 2008, the Peachey’s decided to also provide furniture from various other talented furniture builders from Amish communities around the country. They maintain personal relationships with these crafters to ensure that they only sell the finest products including their own.


Peachey’s furniture is in the business of offering the largest selection possible so that any piece of furniture, any size, any wood grain and any color can be easily made and provided to meet your every needs. Though Amish rocking chairs remain a popular choice, a growing demand for dining room collections, children’s furniture, bedroom collections and casual and formal living pieces has become huge. Peachey’s Furniture also understands that not everyone can fit furniture in their vehicle and they have delivery solutions available to accommodate the exciting and rewarding process of purchasing Amish furniture.


Peachey’s Furniture will always give you the best customer service and truly believes that the customer’s needs drive their business. Peachey’s Furniture also recognizes that not every consumer wants to embark on a large purchase right away, so they offer small, unique and helpful pieces to add that special touch to any room. Their personal compassion and knowledge of wood working and furniture production will do nothing less than attract you to the happiness of completing your home with the fine touch of Amish furniture.


Please feel free to contact Peachey’s Furniture or come se their showroom in Glenford, OH not far from Columbus and Cambridge.


Many thanks and Blessings,

Marvin and Mary Peachey



Marvin Peachey

Phone: (740) 659-1480

           (740) 270-2451

Email: marvin@peacheysfurniture.com

Mary Peachey

Phone: (740) 659-1480

           (740) 270-2451

Email: peachmarvin@yahoo.com

Where to Find Us:

Peachey's Furniture
12149 Gower Road

Glenford, OH 43739

Phone: (740) 607-7203

            (740) 270-2451

Email:  peachmarvin@yahoo.com

What's New

We now carry a new line of household goods including handmade rugs, kitchenware, cleaning supplies, healty and beauty supplies, countertop custom wood items and more.  Stop in to see our expanded line of products and ask about what we can get for you in bulk as well.


Also new to our showroom is Outdoor Furniture! A variety of pieces are available for order and are on display.

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